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Your Autumn Symposium 2018

Recap on this year's event in London

A round up of your Symposium on 30th September - 1st October 2018 at the Pestana Chelsea Bridge Hotel & Spa, London.

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Sunday Workshop - Carolyn Sweeney

Salon Owner, Creations

No strangers to coaching, the lovely Carolyn hosted one of this year's Sunday workshops. Focusing on the guest that walked away and setting you up with the importance of the guest that walked in, Carolyn revealed how every guest touch point is key to your business and how culture is as important as a haircut.

Mainstage Monday - Ken West

Director of 3·6·5, Salon Success

You all know him, the legend, or more recently known as The Don of 3·6·5, our Director of 3·6·5 Education, Ken West. At the helm of 3·6·5, Ken steers the club, team and members and is passionate about the hairdressing industry and raising standards within it. This year he spoke about becoming ‘2020 ready’  whilst also setting the whole membership a challenge to help raise the profile of 3·6·5 salons in the industry!

Emily Stone and Vicky Thomson

Business Owners, The Gilded Bee

Emily and Vicky were friends bonding over a love of interiors and a desire to create stylish spaces in their homes. Emily made some personalised baubles for her family Christmas tree and soon found herself selling them en mass. With her background in sales and marketing and Vicky’s background in retail; their shared eye for detail and design resulted in Gilded Bee. The duo shared their story and talked touches that make all the difference to customers.


Simon Tickler

Managing Director, Salon Success

Businesses that survive and thrive are the excepion not the rule. Simon spoke about some of the choices and decisions that are in our hands, as salon owners, to cement our success in the future.

Amanda Dicker

Salon Owner, The Chapel Group

Whilst travelling in the early ‘90s Amanda had a ‘eureka moment’ that would later have a huge impact on her business - the key factor that made one hotel more memorable than another was the people and service. Amanda joined us to talk about how revolutionising your way of thinking can dramatically benefit your business.

Andrew Barton

Creative Director, Headmasters

Award-winning hairdresser and much-loved friend Andrew, returned to host ‘An Audience with Andrew Barton’ on Monday 1st October at our 2018 Autumn Symposium. Designed from the recent exhibition he co-curated; Beehives, Bobs and Blowdries, this segment was always sure to ‘wow’!

Gemma Amura

Regional Technical Consultant and Trends Expert, Salon Success

A firm favourite at our events, Gemma revealed the upcoming trends and the rise in impact of social media for salon businesses. Share her tips ahead of the New Year and get ahead. 

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