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Your Business Boutique 2018

Recap on this year's event in Buckinghamshire

A round up of Mainstage Monday 5th March 2018 at De Vere Latimer House, Chesham

Gemma Amura

Regional Technical Consultant and Trends Expert, Salon Success

A firm favourite at our events, Gemma revealed the latest trends for autumn/winter 2018. Share these with your team and be ahead for next year's style. 

Jay Shah

Owner, Financial Partnership London

Jay shared his fascinating story regarding how he realised that financial control and understanding the finances of his business would change his life. He revealed his journey and how he now feels passionate about helping fellow businesses to secure their financial future. 

Jo Pilbeam and Jen Morley

Salon Owners - Blend Salon and Obsessions

Fellow 3·6·5 members, Jo and Jen have both been brave enough to take Ken’s advice and stop virtually all discounting in their salons. They shared both their fears before they started the journey of change, and their joy at their subsequent results.


John Wilson

Managing Director, JMW Mosaic Ltd.

GDPR will affect us all and the way we collate and manage the data within our salons, coming into force May 25th 2018. John enlightened us all with the changes in legislation happening this year.

Ken West

Director of 3·6·5, Salon Success

Ken believes that the next few years will, and should, see massive changes in our industry. Remember the expression, ‘Some make it happen, some watch it happen and some say what is happening?’, Ken is in no doubt about the option that every 3·6·5 member should choose.

Michael Van Clarke

Salon Founder and Owner, Michael Van Clarke

Ken has shared stories about the service levels in Michael’s salon before and in March we got to hear from the man himself. Michael told us his story of how he maintains an amazing level of service and also the totally different way he structures his business to embrace and harness, in a positive way, the mindset of many for self-employment. 

Simon Tickler

Managing Director, Salon Success

Taking a look at some of the key facts and figures from the UK marketplace, Simon shared his knowledge surrounding the economy and the issues that could impact your salon in the coming months. He brought the latest analysis of current economic issues to the forefront helping you to set your business up to win. #BelessGeoffrey

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