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Motivating your team to sell

Motivating your team to sell


"How can I get my team to be more confident and motivated when it comes to up-selling retail?"

Tom O'Brien, Co-Director, Baroque Hair


I often hear salons say that nobody buys from them anymore and that all clients buy their shampoo online. This is merely a cop out and I could introduce you to one of our members who, by using simple techniques that we coach at 3·6·5, managed to sell products to 43% of her clients.

The real challenge is twofold:

CHALLENGE 1: The myth that stylists arehairdressers and not sales people lives on.

CHALLENGE 2: Stylists don’t truly understand the importance of a client taking home products from the salon. Let’s start with the first challenge. If a client gives you money, then they must be buying something. If a client is buying something, then someone must be selling it to them. Therefore, that someone is a sales person.

Now, what they are selling may be creative ideas, their skills and their personalities etc, but they need to ‘sell’ all of these things if they are going to build a column and earn a good living. Once they accept that they are sales people, then moving forward becomes easier. Next, they need to know that research shows us, time and time again, that clients want more advice and information on how to achieve the best results when they do their hair at home. If stylists actually did this and showed their clients how to achieve great results, advised them on what they needed and provided them with great, professionalonly products and tools, then many of them would happily purchase from your salon. Not all will – you will never retail to every client – but accepting that you will get as many “no” replies as “yes” ones is vital. The most important fact for your stylists to understand is that retailing builds loyalty.

If you give great advice and recommend the right products and tools, then you will build trust, and trust builds loyalty. Every time a client uses a great product that they were recommended, or achieves a great result using the tools and techniques that they were provided with, that mental endorsement will build their loyalty to the stylist. Loyalty builds a column.

It’s simple: retailing builds trust, trust builds loyalty and loyalty builds income – and all stylists want to increase their income.

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